Using the revolutionary TrueTone+ body shaping device, target multiple areas of the body to simultaneously burn fat and build muscle.
100% non-invasive, meaning no needles, no surgeries, and no recovery time.
The TrueTone+ device uses a highly focused application of electromagnetic energy to burn fat and build muscle. This energy gently contracts, contours, and shapes the body naturally by strengthening existing muscle fibers and building new ones, as well as breaking down fat cells.

With increased “Supramaximal” contractions of the muscles, you’ll see dramatic results in no time at all. With just 4-6x 30min sessions, you can achieve similar results to 6-12 months of strict diet and exercise! One session is equivalent to doing upwards of 20,000 squats or crunches at the gym!
Clients on average see muscle mass increase 16% and fat reduced by 20%. The result is a well-toned body with increased muscle mass and a lower BMI.
Painless Treatment
TrueTone+ therapy is 100% pain-free and feels more like a good workout, except you’re stationary and relaxing during your treatment.

Quick Session Times
Therapy sessions using TrueTone+ are between 20-30 minutes. Schedule your session whenever it suits you, even pop in for a session during your lunch break from work!

No Recovery Time
Resume normal activities straight after your session with no downtime needed for recovery. You may feel a bit sore for a day or two after your session.

Few Sessions Needed
TrueTone+ quickly achieves desired results. You’ll only need 4-6 sessions with options of maintenance sessions

Nearly Instant Results
You can feel the results of your TrueTone+ treatment right after your first session. Most patients report visible results in only 2-4 weeks, with continued positive results after repeated sessions.
• Tone and strengthen muscle
• Reduce stubborn fat
• Sculpt abdominal
• Lift and tone the buttocks
• Firm thighs and calves
• Strengthen biceps and triceps
• Scientifically proven
• Non-surgical and non-invasive
• Fast, 30-minute treatment
• No downtime
• Natural looking results
Treatments Recommended:

30 minutes

You may feel a bit sore after your treatment

Pain (0-10):